Hyundai I10, the Best Small Automatic Cars Choice

In this day, where most of us have troubled with heavy traffic, taking a city car with automatic transmission is the best solution.

Driving city car with automatic transmission is not only giving us relieve from stressful day with heavy traffic. It is also give us great economic aspect because of low fuel consumption.

However, it may be hard for you to choose which one is the best city car from many small automatic cars. Actually, if you do not have any brand minded, we suggest you to take Hyundai I10.

Why we suggest you to take Hyundai I10 rather than other small automatic cars choices in the market? Find out the reason on this article.

What Make Hyundai I10 Become The Best Small Automatic Cars Choice?

Some of you maybe still wonder about why we suggest you to choose Hyundai I10 rather than other small automatic cars.

Here are some reasons why we think that Hyundai I10 is better than other small automatic cars that you can get in the market nowadays:

  • The price is cheap enough

If we compare Hyundai I10 with other small automatic cars, I10 is the cheapest city car with automatic transmission on the market.

You can get this cute beauty with only around $11K, which is much cheaper than other city car.

  • Hyundai I10 has great MPG

It is true that almost all of small automatic cars are having great MPG score. However, if we are comparing Hyundai I10 with others, this car can win easily because it has not only great, but also the best MPG score.

Hyundai I10 is having MPG around 47,9 until 60,1 which is better than other city car that you can get on the market.

  • It has huge room inside

Yes, Hyundai I10 looks so cute from the outside. However, this car is not as small as it looks from outside.

If you are coming inside of the car, you can feel that this little thing has huge room inside. As the result of huge room, even rear passengers are having enough room for their knee.

  • Hyundai I10 come up with 5 doors

The other thing that make Hyundai I10 can beat up other small automatic cars is because this small car is coming up with standard 5 doors.

Why 5 doors are so important? Well, it is better to have a car with standard 5 doors rather than 3 doors. It is because more doors will be more way to have access inside of your car.

  • Powerful enough engine for city car

The last thing that makes Hyundai I10 become the best choice from the entire small automatic cars on the market is because it uses good engine.

Yes, it is true that Hyundai I10 is not having beast type of engine. It is only using 1.0 liter of petrol engine. However, even the engine is not as huge as you want to be, this type of engine is powerful enough to be used for city car.

So, do you agree too that Hyundai I10 is better than other small automatic cars on the market?




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